darkstranger (darkstranger) wrote in boozefoodmke,

Review: Bosley on Brady, Restaurant- Florida/Seafod/Fine Dining


I want to tell you about a wonderful restaurant called Bosley on Brady Street.
Here's a link to another webpage which provides lots of details about the restaurant, including location, phone, hours, etc: (Bosley on Brady).

Bosley has an excellent, relaxed atmosphere, with vibrant colors and superb artwork on the walls.

It's an american-style restaurant, kind of centered around Key West types of foods.

They have an broad selection of entrees. I've yet to have a single food item there that wasn't divine! Their crabcakes and key lime pie are, in my opinion, the best to be found in Milwaukee.

The owners are very involved in the restaurant, and are frequently found running about helping out. The head manager is quite friendly, as is the head bartender (which some of you might know from other locations in the past). Their head chef definately knows what he's doing.

Be sure to stop in some time, and check the place out! Tell them that Chris sent you.
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