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The Last Post on Bones

Hello everyone! As some of you may have noticed, there was a post earlier today which was confusing and appeared to be spam. I deleted it. Just wanted to say to the poster that either you are a spammer and shall be kicked from this group, your account has been taken over by bots, or, if you really meant that post to deal with booze or food in the Milwaukee, WI area, please let me know (if you did, that did NOT come across at all!). Whatever the case, you have three days to reply to this post if you don't want to be kicked from this group.

So please folks, post away about fabulous (or terrible) booze and food experiences in the Milwaukee/Southeast WI area, but please, no spam!
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Jimmy John's Rocks!

"subs so fast you'll freak"... This was the slogan that immediately caught my attention when I got inside Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich. I love trying new things, especially food. So I dropped by, for the first time at their branch in 6969 N Port Washington. I was starving and craving for subs that time so I thought this was the perfect place, expecting that I'll freak out with their subs and stuff. So I was seated on my bar stool and ordered the best seller in the house (Tom Turkey) with cheese... then right before my eyes was the fastest preparation of subs anyone can imagine. The crew built my sub for less than 25 seconds - now that's lightning fast. It was as quick as a US military disassembling a rifle. Record breaking that is. So there, I freaked out big time. Deliciously freaked out. Great stuff!
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Restaurant Review: Alem's Ethiopian Village

Alem's Ethiopian Village
307 E Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI

First: No, I do not work here, and no, I am not associated with this restaurant in any way. I just really love this place and it's within walking distance of where I live and cheap, so I have a personal interest in helping advertise for the place because I want them to stay open! It's a new business and I hate finding a great new restaurant and falling in love with it only to see it go under. I'll try to keep this review as objective as possible, however.

The Food:If you're not familiar with Ethiopian food, try looking at the wikipedia article, which is what I did before I went. Very vegetarian friendly. They have chicken, lamb and beef dishes, but really I go there for the vegetarian dishes. I've brought vegetarian friends there and they were also pleased. I don't know how this place compares to other Ethiopian restaurants, but on its own, it's fantastic. I've never been disappointed and I eat there about once a week.
Items I can personally vouch for:
If you like coffee, try the Ethiopian coffee. It's fantastic.
The honey wine is also delicious.
The "Awaze Tibs," which is beef and onions (and maybe some green peppers? can't recall) was good, if you like spicy. I'm in the "medium" tolerance range, so if you're sensitive to spiciness, this might not be for you.
There's a chicken dish that comes with homemade cottage cheese, I can't remember the name. About the same range of spicy as the Awaze Tibs. I prefered this to the Awaze Tibs (but I tend to like chicken more than beef anyway). Very tender and juicy.
My favorite is the vegetable platter. Several different vegetable dishes of various levels of spiciness. Only one registers as spicy enough to mention its spiciness to me. My favorites are probably the Shiro Wot, the collard greens (sorry, can't remember the name) and a yellow split pea whose name I also can't recall off the top of my head. But I've tried most (maybe all) of the vegetable dishes now and I like all of them.

The Price: Very reasonable. Lunch is cheaper. My sig. other and I split one vegetable combo platter and can both eat until we're full. One vegetable platter costs about seven or eight bucks at lunch time, if I remember correctly. So for two people to get lunch at a restaurant in Milwaukee for a combined total of about eight bucks is pretty freaking awesome. Three people can also comfortably share two of the two vegetable dish plates, if you're willing to share.

The Atmosphere: I really love this place. Sometimes it smells like some kind of incense (smells like sage to me?) so if you're really sensitive to that, you might not enjoy yourself. It's never been overpowering to me and I've never actually seen smoke in the air or anything, so don't worry about smoke in your eyes or anything like that. They play some music but it's not too loud. I really dig the decor, a lot of art on the walls.

The Service: There's always only been one waiter/ress working when I've been there, which has never been a problem when I go in because it's fairly small and quiet, but the times it's gotten a little busy when I've been there, they do have to work pretty hard. However, I've never had a problem getting a refill or anything. Also, I think there's only one cook, so if it gets busy, there might be some waiting involved. Try going at lunch time if you can. Not only is it cheaper but it's a lot less busy. Everyone who works there has always been friendly. :)
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Ok, foodies...

Because there hasn't been a post in this community about food for a long time...
Because I am tired of searching for reviews online and would like to hear what "normal" people think,
I am asking for your opinions :)

A friend and I (who both moved to Milwaukee for school last summer and didn't have time/money to get out during the school year) are presently involved in a once a week go out to eat/lounge night. Our policy is that we never try the same restaurant or lounge twice, because we're trying to be clever explorers. I say lounge, incidentally, because neither of us are big on drinking and basically when we go out we are interested in meeting new people and I like to have a chocolate martini :) Basically, what I'm interested in is places that you absolutely love and would recommend that we try (whether it be a restaurant or a lounge/bar). I'm a vegetarian (ovo-lacto if it matters), she's an omnivore, and we're both pretty adventurous eaters I would say. I would love to try some of the finest restaurants in Milwaukee but at the present time I really can't afford $70+ a plate places - though anything under $25 (for an entree) would be ok as long as the food is phenomenal.

Here are some places we've tried:
Restaurants - Trocadero, Casablanca, African Hut, Benihana, Tandoor House, Fujiyama, The King and I, The Chancery
Lounges/Bars - Wicked Hop/Jackalope, Taylors, Hi Hat, Vucciria

Of course I've been to some other places as well but I think that might give you a pretty good idea of the types of places I like :)
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Art vs Craft Fair

*Art-vs-Craft* *Art-vs-Craft* *Art-vs-Craft* *Art-vs-Craft* **Art-vs-Craft*

The 4th bi-annual Art-vs-Craft show is THIS WEEKEND!
Saturday June 24th
from 10am-7pm

Michael J. Cudahy Student Center at MSOE
1025 N. Broadway (between Highland and State St.)
Milwaukee, WI

For more information (directions, vendors, and more!) please visit their website artvscraft.com

PS: THERE IS A BAR AT THE EVENT! this addendum makes this relevant right?? ;)

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Anyone looking for something different this weekend should try out some Australian cuisine/beer. The Milwaukee Bombers Australian Football Club is hosting the 2005 National Tournament at the Polo grounds in Merton where Australian casual foodstuffs will be availible for sale during the tournament, and plenty of Coopers beer to wash it down. Entry to the site is free, but parking at the location is $5. A free shuttle will be providing transportation from the free surplus parking to the event. See below for directions from I-94.


I-94 West
Take the 16 West/PEWAUKEE exit - EXIT #293C (7.7 miles)
Take the MERTON AVE./NORTH AVE. exit - EXIT #183
Turn RIGHT on CR-KC (MERTON AVE.) (0.8 miles)
Turn RIGHT on CR-K (0.2 miles)
Turn LEFT on DORN RD. (2.6 miles)
Turn LEFT on CR-V V (0.8 miles)
Polo Fields will be on your LEFT

Surplus Parking (North Lake Elementary School)
Continue on CR-V V past Polo Fields (1.0 miles)
Lake Elementary School will be on your LEFT
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Has anyone been to the new, unfortunately named (if you've an immature sense of humour), Balzac Wine Bar?

I'm intrigued, as it seems to be a project of the owners' of Trocadero, one of my favourite places to eat and imbibe around town.

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