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Milwaukee Area Restaurants and Bars Guide

All of Milwaukee that's Fit to Eat or Drink!

Milwaukee Booze and Food
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To explore the myrid offerings of food and booze in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
The community for Milwaukee area denizens to rant and rave about the restaurants, bars, and clubs in the area! We serve the city and county of metro milwaukee, south milwaukee, brookfield, waukesha, oak creek, etc. Pretty much anywhere within a bus ride or 1 hour drive from downtown Milwaukee. If a place is exceptionally good or extremely revolting but out of the drive/bus range, post anyway! It'll be good to know :) Have questions about where to go? Ask!

When posting a review, please follow this format for the subject line as it will make classification for future reference MUCH easier (format subject to change):

Review: [name] [bar/restaurant/club]- [food served/type of club]


Review: Konohana Restaurant- Japanese/sushi
Review: Judges Bar
Review: Club Anything club/bar- Gothic/industrial night club/bar

Finally, some rules: Wanna advertise a community, that's fine IF it's related to Milwaukee. This community has several maintainers but it is UNMODERATED. Don't give us a reason to say otherwise! Please keep the posts on topic, but the comments are free to deviate wherever and however they wish.

Now go stuff yourselves and/or get tanked and then tell us about it!

Chowhounds and Barflies at the Helm:
beatnikpoet13- Maintainer, Brave Volunteer
ailetoile- Maintainer, Arizonean Milwaukeean
painglass- Maintainer, Ideamonger
deliciousjones- Maintainer, apparently delicious
lostvirtue- Maintainer, standing up for the vegetarian Milwaukeean!
havenleah- Maintainer, and I quote, "I probably eat out too much."
azrien- Founder/Bottomless Pit.