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Sort of another shill from me for the restaurant I work at, but it's stuff that's good to know...

Hello Milwaukee! Some of you may remember that I work at Twisted Fork on the East Side. Perhaps this is bad form, and if so, feel free to delete it, but we've now started running bar specials, and since this place is called BOOZEfoodmke, I thought you'd like to know about them. So here we go!

All of these bar specials start at 10pm, and run until bar time unless otherwise specified.

Mondays -- 1/2 off glasses of wine, and $5 martinis
Tuesdays -- it's Smirnoff TwisTuesday, so get $3 Smirnoff Twist cocktails and $2 Smirnoff Twist and Red Bull drop shots
Wednesday -- P4, that is, Pizza, Pitchers, Pool and Pabst. $15 gets you a Pitcher of Miller Lite and a Pizza, plus you get a free game of Pool (or darts) with your $15 purchase. (Pizzas available from 10pm-midnight) There'll also be cheap cans of Pabst all night, as well.
Thursday -- Student ID Night gets you 1/2 price on most drinks, provided you've got a valid ID that says you're over 21, too. Heck, we'll throw in $2 bombers, too, since we love you students so much...
Friday and Saturday -- Join us for Anti-Happy Hour! From 10pm to 2am, you get 1/2 price mixers, wine, and beer, as well as $2 Jager bombs and $1 cans after 10pm.
Sunday -- we call this one "3-2-1-Free". $3 tall, $2 bombs, $1 drafts, and from 10pm-12am, free wings

Also worth noting...Monday through Friday, from 2pm-6pm, we finally have a Happy Hour, with 1/2 price rail drinks and drafts.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, we've turned the banquet room into a pool room! There's two pool tables back there, two dart boards, a jukebox, a Golden Tee machine, and a video projector tied to a digital cable box. And yes, you can smoke cigarettes back there...think of it as an extension of the bar seating.

Now, the obligatory disclaimer...while we will do our best to honor all the specials we've listed here and in the restaurant, sometimes we run out of stuff, and in that case, we'll make a substitution that's as close to the spirit of the special as possible.
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