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The Hi-Hat for Brunch

This past Sunday I went to brunch at the Hi-Hat. It was deeeeelish. The Hi-Hat is located at 1701 N. Arlington Place. I'd been there before for drinks but had never tried any of their food. My boyfriend and I had no Easter Sunday plans and we were both interested in a tasty brunch with good coffee. The Hi-Hat did not disappoint.

When we walked in, the first thing I noticed was how loud it was. I think the building just has insane acoustics and it sounds a lot more packed than it is.

We were informed of the specials (a stuffed French Toast that sounded absolutely sinful and I almost got it but decided that I'd prefer something less sweet) and the service was decent considering that it was fairly busy. Their menu consisted of things like French toast, breakfast burrito, Florentine omelet. I got the Florentine omelet with toast and potatoes and my boyfriend got the "crepes and cakes" which consisted of crab cakes and some crepes. We both enjoyed our meals. The prices were average for those types of plates and the amount of food was decent.

The positives:
Timely service
Great coffee
Tasty food
A nice brunch menu selection

The negatives:
The table was really small considering the size of the plates and then our waters and coffees; we were really tight on space
While my boyfriend's food came out quite hot, mine was only warm and I think it must have been waiting in the kitchen whist his was being prepared. It wasn't too bad but I would have preferred it hotter. I will have to go back and see if this was just a fluke occurrence (I have a feeling it was).
It was louder than I'd prefer for a lazy Sunday brunch of reading the paper and drinking coffee but it was nice to know that so many other people were out enjoying their brunch as well.

If anything, I suggest you at least give a try. While it may not be for everyone (perhaps too noisy or busy), I think many people could enjoy the brunch they offer.

Over all, it was a really positive experience and I'm looking forward to going back again!
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