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Jimmy John's Rocks!

"subs so fast you'll freak"... This was the slogan that immediately caught my attention when I got inside Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich. I love trying new things, especially food. So I dropped by, for the first time at their branch in 6969 N Port Washington. I was starving and craving for subs that time so I thought this was the perfect place, expecting that I'll freak out with their subs and stuff. So I was seated on my bar stool and ordered the best seller in the house (Tom Turkey) with cheese... then right before my eyes was the fastest preparation of subs anyone can imagine. The crew built my sub for less than 25 seconds - now that's lightning fast. It was as quick as a US military disassembling a rifle. Record breaking that is. So there, I freaked out big time. Deliciously freaked out. Great stuff!
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