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Ok, foodies...

Because there hasn't been a post in this community about food for a long time...
Because I am tired of searching for reviews online and would like to hear what "normal" people think,
I am asking for your opinions :)

A friend and I (who both moved to Milwaukee for school last summer and didn't have time/money to get out during the school year) are presently involved in a once a week go out to eat/lounge night. Our policy is that we never try the same restaurant or lounge twice, because we're trying to be clever explorers. I say lounge, incidentally, because neither of us are big on drinking and basically when we go out we are interested in meeting new people and I like to have a chocolate martini :) Basically, what I'm interested in is places that you absolutely love and would recommend that we try (whether it be a restaurant or a lounge/bar). I'm a vegetarian (ovo-lacto if it matters), she's an omnivore, and we're both pretty adventurous eaters I would say. I would love to try some of the finest restaurants in Milwaukee but at the present time I really can't afford $70+ a plate places - though anything under $25 (for an entree) would be ok as long as the food is phenomenal.

Here are some places we've tried:
Restaurants - Trocadero, Casablanca, African Hut, Benihana, Tandoor House, Fujiyama, The King and I, The Chancery
Lounges/Bars - Wicked Hop/Jackalope, Taylors, Hi Hat, Vucciria

Of course I've been to some other places as well but I think that might give you a pretty good idea of the types of places I like :)
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Go to Bosley on Brady, and tell Eric or Jonathan (the bartender) that Karen and Chris sent you. :)

I've also had good experiences at Balzac, Cubanitas, and Twisted Fork.
I just went to Balzak for the 1st time myself. It was a nice dark atmosphere and we liked the small plates a lot. I had a really nice glass of petite syrah too.
And you are allowed to giggle at least twice at the name if you go, right? Ha ha.
Thanks, I'll write those places down :) You're awesome!!
I just discovered Rice Palace. It is a fabulous Thai/Hmong restauant on approx. 38th and National. Lots of veggie dishes, as you can put tofu in most of them.

I love the Coquette Cafe too on Milwaukee St in the 3rd Ward. Fancy-casual, excellent french food, and cheap! Their most expensive dinner entree is 17 (specials might be more...) Most are less than 15.
Oooh, Rice Palace sounds RIGHT up my alley - I heart locally/family owned ethnic restaurants...mmm...and thai/laotian/Hmong happens to be one of my favorite cuisines. Thanks!

And the Coquette Cafe sounds fab too, we'll give it a try! I've really liked the 3rd Ward when we've been there :)
cute kitty!
Thanks!!! You too :)
Try Conejitos, 5th and Virginia. Its not the most authentic Mexican food, but its very good and inexpensive.
OOO Xel-ha on lincoln and KK/Howell just south of Cafe Lulu is great!

I have to agree with you on the cheapness factor of Conejitos, but the food isn't very good there. good margaritas though.
Ok, maybe I'll have to try them both, ha ha :) I forgot to mention that I've been to Cafe Lulu and we really liked Bay View (and the restaurant/bar) a lot and would like to go back but that's the only restaurant I'd heard people talk about there. And...well...we've already been there so can't go back for now, ha ha :) Thanks again!
the Palomino in Bayview is lots of fun- they do a sort of "trucker/vegan" thing. Both meaty and non-meaty options abound. It is on the east end of Russell.

There is a nice italian place in Bayview called Tenuta's. It is on Clement, about 2-3 blocks north of Oklahoma. Great pizza and your favorite Italian standbys. good friendly service too- they called us back when they accidently overcharged us $2 for our take-out!

Also great tips, thanks again, you've been very helpful!! I can't wait to tell my friend that I'd like to try a place that was described to me as "Trucker/Vegan" :) I'm afraid that my curiosity won't let me stay away for long, though!!! I love italian as well (I learned the language in college because I thought hey I like the food so why not? Ha ha...). Grazie.
Heh, if everyone thought it was good, they wouldnt be so inexpensive. :)
Mmm, ok, sounds great for when I get a craving for (tex) mex :) Thanks!!
I'll second kfhacker's recommendations of Bosley on Brady, and Balzac.

Benihana: Good food, decent price for downtown dining, fucking horrid service.
Chancery: Decent food, good price, acceptable quality, good service.
Troc, Wicked Hop, HiHat: Yum. Yes, please.

Rip Tide: More filler than seafood, high prices, good service. All in all: standard. Just don't go there thinking it's a seafood place.

Holiday House: Very cool atmosphere, good food, good service, prices a little high. Wouldn't mind going again.

I think I'd like to try Pasta Tree at some point. Anyone, opinions?
Thank you Mr. Stranger :)

I drove past Rip Tide once and thought it looked interesting - but thought I wouldn't like it specifically because I thought it was a seafood place, ha ha.

I've checked out the websites for both Holiday House and Pasta Tree and think they both look at least try-able :) If I go to The Pasta Tree I'll be sure to let you know how it was!! Thanks for the tips/opinions!!
Well, I'll recommend this one because A.) I used to work there, and B.) some folks in here have enjoyed it...

Twisted Fork, on the East Side, corner of North and Farwell, right next to the Oriental. Entrees in the $13-20 range. Cool bartenders, you're welcome to just sit and chill at the bar or one of the hightops all night.

They had some veggie options when I worked there, but the menu's changed a bit in the last year or so.

Might be worth a look, though.
Ha ha, nice :) They must've done something right if you left happy enough to recommend it!

Twisted Fork has actually been on my list of places to try for a while, but it keeps getting pushed back. My issue is that they have two veggie entree options and one is topped with a portabello mushroom (and I don't like mushrooms), the other is something with eggplant (and I don't like eggplant, ha ha). Those are the two foods that I can't eat in chunks, literally, so it means the entrees there are kind of out for me. But their salads look fabulous so if there's a day I'm really in the mood for a great salad I think I'll hit it up :) Or maybe we'll just check out the atmosphere while I sip on a chocolate martini?
Oh, the bartenders and servers are awesome, and so were most of the kitchen was just a few of the mangers than were jerks.

but those managers are gone now, so it's all good. :)

Oh, and may I suggest the Espresso Martini?
You may suggest whatever you want, but I don't like coffee so I probably won't listen ;-) But thanks, I appreciate it :) Dude. Hee hee.

P.S. I'm wearing pants.
beans and barley on north
comet cafe on farwell
the red dot off of oakland
and ooh the foundation has tiki drinks and the get down on saturdays i think
If you're still after some ideas:

Riverwest Co-Op
Fuel Cafe
Turner Hall
Mader's (lunch time is cheaper)
Dancing Ganesha

I already mentioned this place on another post, but it's currently my favorite restaurant so I'll pimp it again:

Alem's on Wisconsin Ave near Water St. It's an Ethiopian place and it's really fantastic. My s/o and I usually split one vegetarian platter because it's enough food for both of us to feel full if we split it, which means we can both have lunch for about eight bucks or a little more if we go at dinner time (the dinner menu's a little more expensive, not much).