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Ok, foodies...

Because there hasn't been a post in this community about food for a long time...
Because I am tired of searching for reviews online and would like to hear what "normal" people think,
I am asking for your opinions :)

A friend and I (who both moved to Milwaukee for school last summer and didn't have time/money to get out during the school year) are presently involved in a once a week go out to eat/lounge night. Our policy is that we never try the same restaurant or lounge twice, because we're trying to be clever explorers. I say lounge, incidentally, because neither of us are big on drinking and basically when we go out we are interested in meeting new people and I like to have a chocolate martini :) Basically, what I'm interested in is places that you absolutely love and would recommend that we try (whether it be a restaurant or a lounge/bar). I'm a vegetarian (ovo-lacto if it matters), she's an omnivore, and we're both pretty adventurous eaters I would say. I would love to try some of the finest restaurants in Milwaukee but at the present time I really can't afford $70+ a plate places - though anything under $25 (for an entree) would be ok as long as the food is phenomenal.

Here are some places we've tried:
Restaurants - Trocadero, Casablanca, African Hut, Benihana, Tandoor House, Fujiyama, The King and I, The Chancery
Lounges/Bars - Wicked Hop/Jackalope, Taylors, Hi Hat, Vucciria

Of course I've been to some other places as well but I think that might give you a pretty good idea of the types of places I like :)
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